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Query Details

This section gives you detailed information of what happened under the hood when a specific query was executed. It allows you to quickly find problems and work on improving your APIs performance.

Query Details

In the top section, you will find general information about the selected request:

ApiThe API id this query belongs to.
Operation nameThe name of the operation that was executed, or the name of the first query/mutation in the request.
DurationHow long this query took.
LatencyThe latency of the request.
Start and end timesThe start and end time of the request.

Below, you will find a series of tabs that give deeper information.


This is a list of all the fields that were resolved by a resolver. They are presented hierarchically, respecting their parent/child relationship.


This section gives you additional information about each field/resolver:

PathThe full path of the resolved field in the query.
ResolverThe parent type and field name of the executed resolver. Next to it you'll see what kind of resolver it is (i.e. Unit or Pipeline), and icon (or icons) representing the underlying data source(s) that were used to resolve this field.
Start offsetThe difference in time between the beginning of this resolver invocation and the start of the request.
DurationHow long this invocation of the resolver lasted.

Click on a resolver to see resolver details


Quickly see X-Ray traces for the selected query. This includes:

  • Resolver mapping templates
  • DynamoDB data sources
  • Lambda resolvers
  • HTTP resolver requests
  • etc



For this feature to work, x-ray traces must be enabled on the API.


This tab shows the query that was executed along with the input variables (if any).


Request and Response Headers

A list of all the HTTP request or response headers of the HTTP request.


CloudWatch Logs

This includes all the logs related to this query as seen in AWS CloudWatch.

Raw logs