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GraphQL Client

The GraphQL client allows you to execute queries, mutations, and subscriptions with ease. Think of it as Postman or Insomnia specifically designed and tailored for AWS AppSync.


GraphBolt explores your AWS accounts and finds all your existing AppSync APIs. Just select one from the drop-down menu, authenticate, and start executing queries.


GraphBolt GraphQL client

The client view is composed of various sections, explained below.

1API picker

This is how you select the API you would like to work with. You don't need to enter the API URL, it is detected automatically.

Opens the authentication window. For more information, read the authentication section.
3The Query view

This is where you write the GraphQL queries, mutations and subscriptions you would like to execute.
4The variable view

If you use queries that have input variables, this is where you can enter their values, as a JSON.
5The execute button

Press this button to execute the current request.
6The response view

This is where the result of the request is shown when returned by the API.
7The debug button

After you execute a request, this button will take you directly to the Query Inspector for that request.

Key Features

The GraphQL client includes the following features:


GraphBolt uses the introspection schema in order to provide you with autocomplete capabilities and help you write your queries.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Cmd/Ctrl + R
Cmd/Ctrl + Enter
Execute the request
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + AOpen the auth modal
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + DGo to the query inspector for the last executed query