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One of the key features of GraphBolt, is that it automatically detects the authentication methods of your APIs and makes it easy to authenticate your requests.

To authenticate, click on the 🔒 icon (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + A) from the Query Client window.

GraphBolt will show you the available authentication methods for the currently selected API.

API Keys​

If your API has API_KEY as an authentication method, GraphBolt automatically fetches all the available API keys. Just select the one you want to use from the dropdown menu.

API keys

Cognito User Pools​

When a AMAZON_COGNITO_USER_POOLS authentication provider is available, GraphBolt will prompt you to select the User Pool you want to use (only user pools linked to that API are shown), the App Client Id, the username and password.

Cognito User Pools


Clicking on Id Token or Access Token in the info box, will take you to and let your visualize the content of that token.

Did you know?

GraphBolt automatically manages the JWT session for you. If a refreshToken is available, it will use it to refresh the access token.

Did you know?

MFA and Password Reset auth challenges are supported out of the box. A new modal will show up if the current flow requires a challenge. Other challenges are not yet supported.

Cognito auth challenge


You can also use AWS_IAM as the authentication method. For now, IAM authentication is limited to using the current AWS profile. All requests are automatically signed using the access key, secret access key and (optionally) the session token of that profile.

IAM authentication

Lambda Authorizer and OIDC (OpenID Connect)​

OIDC and Lambda authorizer are also supported. Just enter your authentication token.

OIDC authentication